Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#SongBomb|Zell Heffer w/ Rate

 Given my busy schedule I hardly ever make it to sound cloud on my own to explore unless I see someone post about it via social media. Well I am proud to say that for once I just wanted to catch up on what I had missed. During this musical catch up session I was pleasantly surprised at all the new music but one song by one particular artist became embedded into my musical rolodex. Zell Heffner released a new sound a few days ago and I have since acquired the mp3 for the radio and have added it to my personal playlist. The songs production is an added bonus as it aids in the delivery of the content.Zell gives you a look into the heart of a confident good guy who is being not only reassuring to his female but is also letting her know what he has to offer compared to her past relationship. I love what I'd like to call a "Hood R&B" song. It's definitely a track for the ladies and I definitely want you guys to be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape "No Regrets" coming real soon! Check out my rate below and the audio for "Winner"


Lyrics: 5

Star Potential:5
Overall: 5

Favorite Line: "Spend little time with these woman, won't lie cause I am the truth just press record for the proof." 


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