Monday, January 5, 2015

Freddy Roo|Run Down On Her|Video Bomb w/ Rate

Being that I am a proud member of #TeamThick I am always glad to hear a song for the rump shakers. I have had the pleasure of playing this track on my radio show #HoodWatch and I enjoy the track. I recently was tagged on Facebook in  few promotional flyers for the Video Release Party that will take place Wednesday night at Main Attraction Gentlemen's Club, which is also were the video is set. I was slightly disappointed that there really was no specific concept. Of course there are references about Poles in the song so it's a given to have exotic dancers but I would have liked to see a more elaborate concept. The dancers gracing the video in their color specific "Run Down" fits were great eye candy and will definitely make it easier for people to claim a favorite and given the location I'm sure you can catch most of them at Main Attraction on a good night. I love the song but thought the video concept could have been better developed. I am not an artist and can not possibly know all of the time that goes into a successful video shoot but besides the obvious ass shaking there was not much else exciting about the video. I wish there had been some sort of concept besides the classic "strip club" vibe.  It was average and didn't stand out to me. The feature from Cristol adds to the track and further co signs that it's for the twerkers. I will allow you the viewers to form your own opinions about the latest from Freddy Roo featuring Cristol. #PressPlay below on the latest #VideoBomb and check out my rates for this video below.


Lyrics: 3
Visuals 2.5
Star Potential: 3.5
Overall: 3

Favorite Line: "That ass plenty swole, playing poker, Ima fold lil mama up , trying to make that pussy sore."

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