Monday, February 3, 2014


I often receive music submissions with just links to music and even though I enjoy receiving links, I am often frustrated with the lack of presentation. I may love the music, but get to the bio and I'm like my five year old God daughter can write a better bio. With loving the music I want to share the music with the world and also present an artist (YOU) to the world. I appreciate the links they help at times but I only want them so they can be included along with your bio's so other music lovers can find and connect with you.  I understand that for some people writing is not their strong point but it takes nothing to read over it and see if you have all the basic information. I find that a lot of artist may have written their own bio’s up and they may not know how to properly word it. Have someone look over it. There is nothing more worst for me then finding a really good artist and they submit a couple of sentences and they want me to share their music or do a feature. I have nothing to build from. With all this being said. Please follow the following requirements for submitting bio's for "Spotlight Artist" features. There will be other post about how to submit, singles, videos, and other music content at a later date.


1. Include a 250 minimum bio or the equivalent to 1 page (Please be advised I may condense the bio)
-Bio's should cover, location, name,achievements,singles, hottest mixtape, something interesting
2. Include a picture of yourself, or album/mixtape artwork
3. Links, ie: Videos,SoundCloud,Twitter,etc

 If you are an artist and you are interested in submitting your music for review and a possible feature in #E2TS please email your submissions to Include "MusicSubmission" in subject line to prevent being sent to spam or deleted. 

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