Friday, February 7, 2014

February Spotlight Artist: Zxggy

Akeem Weston is a rapper who was born in Columbus Ohio and despite how his life started he is determined to make the rest of it the best...

With any person there is always a story, and like any other person Akeem is no stranger to the obstacles and trials that life offers. When he was only two he was given up for adoption and if that wasn't rough his adoptive mother later died of HIV/AIDS. After her death he was sent to live with his grandmother in St. Petersburg, Florida. He now resides here and even though he has adapted to his situation. Akeem's life has been anything but smooth, he has battled with depression stemming from his mother giving him away, his mother and grandmothers distaste for one another, and dealing with the fact of not knowing who his father was. His mother and grandmother's constant quarrels resulted in young Akeem being left at his mother's door step when he was eight years old, but all incidents from Akeem's past have done nothing but motivated him to make his life better. When he was in the seventh grade he started rapping and adopted the name Zxggy. Since the seventh grade and up until now he has dropped over ten mixtapes. His latest being PlanetHollywood. In 2010, Zxggy formed the rap group, Paper Cut Gang (PCG). But he recently left PCG in early 2013 to pursue personal endeavors. He still considers them to be his brothers to this day though. When you think about what his content is you can see that Zxggy raps with the pain and pride of a man who has gone through so much. From feeling unwanted by his own family, sleeping outside in the cold, to selling drugs to survive. Zxggy has a rough story to share and despite his trials and tribulations, He knows that his music is rare and unique. Kind of like his style. He doesn't seem much like a rapper but neither did Lupe. His personal goal is to awake his listeners when they're listening to his music and give those people a flare that no other can achieve. He is confident, determined, and he means business as he showed me just how hungry he is. I appreciate Zxggy for staying on me days after he had submitted his information. He kept me on my toes and it showed his hunger.I have to be honest and say, that he reminds me of a younger Wiz Khalifa and his style further confirms that for me. He won me over with his song, "Pussy is Power" and following close behind was "Max" a song about being on that maximum level. The turn up is real in that song and the production is sick. Shoutout to the producer Hipa Holics. I can't wait to see what Zxggy has in store for this new year but he is definitely someone to watch for. As always there is a Q & A below and several ways to connect with Zxggy below. 


Q & A with Zxggy:
[M$C]: I see in your Bio, you said you adopted the name Zxggy what exactly does it mean?
[ZXGGY]: Zxggy really means everything & nothing. It mean we will not be ran by rules it governed by the government it mean we will live life for ourselves! 
[M$C]: Despite your rough start in life what or who do you consider kept you grounded?
[ZXGGY] I don't really consider myself grounded I'm only humble to a certain extent! But all jokes aside the drive to be famous keeps me level headed. If not for that & my son up in heaven I would be way more wild that what I am now.
[M$C]:Pussy is Power is one of my favorite tracks, what sparked the birth of the track? Besides the obvious
[ZXGGY]: Well the way I write my tracks are always from something I see immediately or 99.9% of the time usually about a muse of mine! I always say I only write music for "women who attract me, the chicks I hate & the ones who distract me". Pussy is power is about a stripper I loved.
[M$C]: Is there anyone mainstream that you look up to as far as their artistry? 
[ZXGGY]:. I look up to many artists but the one that really has been my favorite artist over time is Prince if you can't tell by my music already! He was so wild you couldn't control him! He was erotic & sensual. Thing is his music always felt natural he never forced it! 

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