Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fast Money Ferrari| Video Bomb w/ Rate "Married to The Game" Cover

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. I am not a big fan of cover's or remixes unless you really take it there. I wasn't too impressed with the cover, given I don't really care for that particular Future song. It has it's moments but it's not a personal favorite to me. The only thing that set this apart  from the original was the fact that I could make out what he was saying unlike Future he wasn't mumbling out his lyrics. He did hit on apparent memories and life woes and that made the content relatable. If artist were on original beats I believe they could actually hook their audience with everything they offer. I must admit I love when St. Pete artist showcase the beautiful sights and people that reside here. I am still getting familiar with Fast Money Ferrari and pin pointing exactly his caliber of rapper.I do not think he is just a cover rapper and I am excited to see this young man further build his craft. The video was shot by Aone Lenz Productions and while I'm not to familiar with the videographer's work yet, I am hopeful of what they have to come as far as visuals are concerned. Please take the time to  check out my official rate as well as the visuals for "Charge it to the Game"  below.



Lyrics: 3.5
Visuals: 4
Star Potential:3.5

Favorite Line(s):
" That's why I play'em close, that's why I do the most. I'm too hot to keep the bread, so I'm riding with the toast. 

Charge it to the Game|Visuals


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