Monday, December 5, 2016

Cristol ft. Tom G| Video Bomb w/o Rate

From here on out I feel like it goes without saying that Cristol holds his own. I will no longer be rating his craft. I will simply be lending my opinion on whatever his current body of work is. Currently "We Ain't Hurtin" has finally become a visual. It features Tampa rapper Tom G. When these two link up I swear its a Jook overload. Cristol's love for his fan's is apparent in majority of his work and it makes me appreciate his artistry. He is one of the few artist that I can name that interacts with his fan base, includes them in his projects and is an all around humble dude. This particular track is up there with my top Cristol tracks. I love that we are Florida grown because our videos deliver hot fire without even trying. The blue skies, the beautiful women, and the feel good mood the song puts me in makes it that banger to add to the motivation playlist. Tom G is a Og when it comes to this and I love when he comes through for other artist. His feature is never half ass and adds to an already classic track, While we can all agree Cristol always has hot females usually gyrating to his track this particular track doesn't have that at all. It's a nice change not saying you cant do a nice two step to the track but it's nice to see he can sometimes step out of his niche enough to do his job of grabbing more fans. If you are not a Cristol fan please get acquainted with the King of Jook. Check out these dope visuals from Cristol below as well as some Still Shots from the video. And be sure to connect more with the artist below. 


Visuals| We Aint Hurtin 


Connect w/ Cristol

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