Friday, March 4, 2016

Project Youngin X War Stories Video Bomb| W/ Rate

Growth is always a good thing and Project Youngin demonstrates progressive growth. This track is heart felt, realistic, and proves he is more than a "Project Youngin".  A year ago I would have said Youngin would need a feature to draw my attention or have dope visuals but these visual were not flashy and not in the hood. He gave me a simple video with a deeper message. I liked how the production of the video came out and Bungy Clips did his thing as far as production. The lyrical context was finally there for me. It was relatable and showed that like everyone else he goes through things. He has hopes and dreams. Expectations for Youngin? More songs that grab at the heart. This is by far my favorite track from Project Youngin and I hope that he continues to evolve as a more lyrical artist. Check out the visuals for War Stories Freestyle below as well as my rate for this entry.


Lyrics: 4.5
Visuals 5
Star Potential: 4.5

Favorite Line: " And this the realest shit I never wrote, off the top paint a picture with some lines you could quote."


     Visual|War Stories Freestyle

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Project Youngin

Project Youngin

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