Friday, December 11, 2015

JAY RAW ft. Famous Kid Smoothie| "Why They Hating" Video Bomb w/ Rate


Directed by Bungy Clips, Jay Raw and Famous Kid Smoothie (Smooth Hines) link up for " Why They Hating" I like the message and while I am not familiar with Jay Raw I definitely think he could be a good rapper with much more practice. The scenes that were captured, were beautiful but I wasn't sold on the talent aspect. It is more to rapping than accurate punch lines and a known face in your video. Everybody can't rap and while I am not completely impressed with the rapping the message was understood but the concept was lost. I wish more artist would put real thought into their concepts and really embody their music further with the visuals. What does this song mean to you? Show Me! Well check out my rate below as well as the video.



Lyrics: 3.5
Visuals 3
Star Potential: 2.5

Favorite Line: "When I fell down, ya'll niggas didn't help me. ya'll can shoot flame but you niggas won't melt me. "

Visuals|"Why They Hating"


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