Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ten on Top with 5 Below| Sound Cloud Edition 3

Well I am back with another haul from Sound Cloud. As you guys already know I get lost in that obvious rabbit hole on there. I go looking for someone in particular and end up somewhere else. I am happy nonetheless because I have stumbled across quite a few gems. I am so happy to share with you guys some amazing artist and songs courtesy of Sound Cloud and my stream. I hope you guys discover new artist to get into just as I have and also enjoy the compilation.


Top 10 Songs| Sound Cloud Edition 3

  1. Zell Heff- Whip (Take Off)
  2. Eric Bellinger- iPod on Shuffle
  3. HeyeYella - The Hurt
  4. Remy T ft. Skroodle & Fresh BPM- I Do
  5. Maryann & Chuuwee - Fuckin Witcha
  6. Samurai Shotgun - Force of The Shotgun
  7. Diamond - Trap Girl Rollie
  8. Alec Burnright - Night Cap (Breakfast)
  9. Dilligaf - Up In The Morning
  10. iLoveMakonnen - Trust Me Danny 

5 Artist to Check Out|Sound Cloud Edition 3

JetPack Jones


Dutch Rebelle

Zell  Heff


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