Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Danger Music #THEFIELD

I saw a short film documentary on WSHH (WorldStarHipHop.com) a few weeks back entitled The Field: Chicago, a look at the relationship between the city’s rap scene and street violence epidemic. Okk!! Before I even dabble in this discussion of Chicago’s music scene, I first much say STOP whatever you are doing and check out this film. [The Field]. I have been paying close attention to Chicago rap for some time. I was first drawn there by two obvious reasons Kanye and Twista but as much as I love “Old” Kanye (Before he wasYezzus) and Twista is simply that a tongue twister of pure lyrical delights. Recent rappers and how they and the youth there tied into the violence arising from the Chicago inner city also caught my eye. After reading about the death of Chicago native rapper “Lil JOJO” and the rise of the “Almighty SO” I started to really pay attention to the music scene and the names being buzzed and generated from the area.Another one that caught my eye “Lil Mouse” is by far the best little trap rapper, that I've ever seen and even though I think it’s kind of sad how he can put together street life so good in his lyrics, his charisma is amazing and he be snappin for sure! I have also heard of Lil Durk and Lil Reese as well, but back to the documentary it shed a much needed light using a daily viewed platform like WSHH to help put a focus on the way the city is essentially in battle amongst youth and really how music and the artist that makes it affects the city. This was WSHH's directorial debut and my goodness they did a damn good job if you ask me. The “Chiraq” as they refer to it and please let me PAUSE for the cause and break down how this documentary was so beneficial. I love fashion, I love styling, I’m no master designer but I’m into that whole creativity with fabrics and textiles and being able to express those things through clothes and accessories.... Anyways, I love accessories and I saw a necklace that said “Chiraq” and I had always wondered what the hell is a “Chiraq” and I had never thought to look it up. Like the word “Thot” but that’s an entirely different story. To find out what Chiraq really was, it broke my heart to know that people are literally not even a block away from home and they are losing their life. Innocent bystanders are getting caught up in that lame game of Beef. Why we plotting on how to end the next man’s life. Don’t we all have Kid’s? Are we all not Black folk trying to make it in this crazy world? Crazy thing is we killing people we grew up with, we sending women who brought us in their homes when we had no homes to bury their child. I was not only enlightened further by the short Documentary but it gave insight in the minds of these teenagers and artist that have grown up in Chicago and have yet to fully leave. I was so sadden to see a few of the people that had been featured in the film hadn't survived long enough to see it completed but they explained that themselves in the film. I can remember a particular line from it being  "Niggas don't sell they gun, a nigga keep they gun, they know they gone need it." That line has stuck with me since viewing the film weeks ago. That was a sad and honest depiction of what is going on in a hood away from my hood but in reality its going on not just in Chicago it's going on everywhere. The only difference is Chicago death toll hit 500 in a months time versus how many murders my hood or the next hood may see in a month. I am so glad that WSHH took the time to shed light to the seriousness of the Chicago gang life and the artist that have endured their lives there. I don't want to say that " Drill Music" is the new gangsta rap but it's close enough on the spectrum for them both to be first cousins. I have featured a few videos from artist in that area and I hope if you have never heard of them that you check them out. 


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