Sunday, September 15, 2013

Get familiar with EG: Lyrically an Educated Gangster

E.G Lyrical is an Independent Hip Hop artist from Saint Petersburg, Fl who specializes in creating lyrical and upbeat music with political aware undertones. E.G stands for Educated Gangster and his relatable lyrics and intricate story telling further supports his name.  E.G began his deeply rooted relationship with music at the age of six when he began taking classical piano lessons and doing recitals. At the age of thirteen he began writing Hip Hop lyrics and since then has been using his pen to make music that fits every mood. While still remaining true to what he believes in.  If he had to name those who motivate him he would name his doubters or skeptics. “They told me I couldn’t make music, so I did it my way” E.G explains. When asked about why he is passionate about music, he responded by simply saying " I feel like I'm what the game is missing." When asked about his influences in his music E.G said "I have been influenced by mostly southern rap and of course Tupac and Biggie, I was raised on those two a long with Parliament of Funk and Outkast. I’m just more of an old school hip hop fan and I try to bring that feel to my music” EG does exactly that with his music by using phenomenal word play and an intellectual twist to his lyrics. In his song "Litte Child Running Wild" he samples the late Curtis Mayfield's song and invokes your brain to think. 
E.G is slated to release his Freshman Ep/Album soon and it is sure to impact the state of Hip Hop due to his clean and rugged Flow. When asked what he expects from his freshman EP, EG said "I expect my freshman ep to be highly produced working with producers like Tango and other local producers to create a professional studio ep/mixtape to compete with the major and international markets." Besides being the next up and coming Hip Hop artist EG is also a business man. Being the mastermind behind Lyrical Hustler Ent building a solid team and giving fellow artist and entrepreneurs a place to further develop their crafts. Seems that EG Lyrical has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. With major projects in the works. This is an artist that you can not overlook.  Stay tuned to see what Big Things he will do next!

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