Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Onyx Premium Nightclub Review

So if you personally know me, you know I don't indulge in going out. I'm not one to be on every party scene. I don't go out unless 1. I'm in the mood to dance or 2. When I'm dating and my dude piss me off I want to go out and have a good time. Well a week ago I went to Onyx Premium Nightclub in downtown St. Pete might I add It was under a another name a few months back so it has always seemed to be a popular spot everybody has been there from Webbie to Gucci Mane. So I'm thinking with a name change and great event hosts that it would be one of those nights. Well I guess an assumptions is designed to make an ass outta someone and I was that ass that night. Being that it was my first time even at the venue I really didn't know what to expect. I have friends that have been there and had given me the run down so I honestly was going to see for myself. I really should go out alone but then I'd be forced to make new friends which isnt all bad but if people are regulars at a place I personally just feel like grade school all over and Im trying to fit in but on this particular night I went with my best friend. And though she's my bestie and I love her dearly she was the one that got me to even get out the house So Im expecting regardless of the results that we gone have a good time. Well there's another assumption and once again whose the ass? ME! Well we get jazzy and head out. When we get there she's the one to ask  the bouncer "is it thick" he replies "well you here when ladies get in free, the performers not even here." So to me that made her feel like ok this about to suck. While me, myself I'm like hell yeah ain't nobody gone have a reason to step on my shoes. I personally didn't care that it was packed because long as there's drinks and music I can vibe by myself. First thing I do is grab a drink my signature (almeretto sour) which one out of two bartenders didnt know how to make properly so my first drink was strong af! But I sipped an vibed to a Dj that I've heard about, even heard kudos about him from my oldest sister from her back in the days partying so his music plus that strong ass drink had me viben it was a bitch don't kill my vibe moment. Well I wouldn't say my vibe got killed but I easily allow the actions of others influence me because I look to myfriend  and she's been on her phone since we got there and I'm constantly like yo why you on your phone. And as matter factly as she could muster she goes. " we'll it's dead in here everybody on they phones." I wasn't though I mean upon walking in I dabbled on it but damn honestly I had been promoting the event for so long I took the outing as a way to transition into my role as Ms Street Cred and to support the home town. Sometimes all we need is a little support. Well after watching her and the few folks I saw on there phones I went to my phone, but it was in no shape to be a supplement for the entertainment that I was already experiencing. As the time ticked and the club seen to be at the same capacity I didn't let that sway me. Dead or not I was having a good time. The folks that came out were having a good time at least to me they were. I think my only complaint about the entire experience was the bartenders not being able to accept debit. I hardly ever have cash. But with no cash came a free drink so I couldn't even be mad. Free is always good unless the Dude brings it over himself then it's a Rick Ross u.o.e.n.o scenario. And I'm simply not about that life. I will say though the guest of honor offered me a drink and I respectfully declined and I thought that was pretty nice of him given he should have been in VIP relaxing. Overall besides the small crowd and an aggravated friend I personally enjoyed it but have to go when it's people there. If you ever visit St. Petersburg definitely check out Onyx and the many other attractions downtown you'll be glad you did. -MSC 

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