Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shame Shame Shame UPDATE*

So I am too ashamed of myself. Today makes two months since I did an update but a little bit of prioritizing in the future should fix that. I did not come empty handed though. I have not only been taking a blast in the past as far as what's on my playlist but I have been exposed to new artist that I have musically fallen in love with. Since it is TBT (for the rocks in the world "Throw Back Thursday") I think it's only right to do my TOP 10 throwbacks that I am still viben to now. I will also do a spotlight on some local artist you need to watch for.

1. Project Chick - Hot Boys & Big Tymers
2. Pulling me Back - Chingy ft. Tyrese
3. Rubber Band Man - T.I.
4. She Feelin' Me - Lil' Wayne ft. Nivea
5. Swagg So Mean -Cristol 
6. Tennessee - Arrested Development
7. Tip Drill - Nelly
8. Youngin Blues - Lil' Wayne
9. $1 Million Man
10.Burban and Lacs -Master P

My TOP 4 Local Artist you need to watch for
1. Smooth Hines
2. Heather Marie
3.Charli Funk
4. Flux

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