Monday, February 18, 2013

I Flux Wit It!

So for sometime now I have had a longing or somewhat of a calling to get actively involved with something that is not only creating positive outlooks for people but also promotes the growth of  my community. I know that with the I Flux Wit it movement it is definitely beyond a general outlook and it will reach new levels. The creator and mastermind behind such phenomenal reaching incredible heights is none other than Florida Native Flux. Yet many wouldn't know that behind the brand, this individual is also an amazing singer. His refreshing take to R&B music is appreciated especially by me since for sometime now I have not indulged in mainstream R&B simply because it is not the same. It does not call to me. Ginuwine, Tyrese, Keith Sweat, and many more have literally shaped some of our very lives. Even helped produce life. Those guys and others like them left nothing to the imagination when it came to how one should feel when it came to the matters of the heart. Yes some of them still make music and at times it is soulful but over the years it has become saturated with what is considered trend. I actually fell in love with the Flux Tape, that for me rekindled my love for R&B. It was nice to hear how a man adored his woman and the things that he planned to do to her. Flux has a way of bringing back the spark in the genre by meshing his sultry outlook on love making and adding a much needed pinch of the modern day man in it. According to the musical genius himself, "I'm not in one particular genre, but if you feel a need to categorize my style, it's a Progressive R&B"( I'm sure a few of my readers are scratching their head like "What is progressive R&B?" And it is just that making strides to better the genre in which we know as R&B. I can only give accolades about the man and the music. So without further ado meet Flux...


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